Give Stakeholders the Power of Data

Workbooks’ cloud-based, customizable dashboards and analytics tools make it easy for you to share data with your stakeholders and empower them to explore and understand the data themselves. The result: your team no longer spends all their time fulfilling data requests—and stakeholders are more aligned on your biggest challenges and how to solve them.

Workbooks Features

Easy, Cloud-Based Access Put everyone on the same page with the same information. Workbooks have no firewalls, so you can give anyone inside or outside your organization permission to view and explore your data.

Pre-Filtered Dashboards Give stakeholders the data they need by pre-filtering search results according to dozens of attributes. So when a stakeholder uses the workbook, they won’t waste time with unrelated information.

Stakeholder-Specific KPIs Get right to the point by sharing with stakeholders the KPIs that are most important to them. With a glance, they can understand where challenges lay and then proceed to dig in to better understand contributing factors and possible solutions.

Instantaneous Search With advanced search features, you can filter your data by single values, by ranges, or by excluding certain values to explore your state’s needs with greater ease and specificity than ever before.

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