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Replace 100's of reports with a single Workbook

From a single Workbook, your entire team can instantly answer hundreds of one-off questions, completely on their own. Easy self-serve data analysis has finally arrived for the masses.

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Spreadsheets were not designed for today's data needs

You've felt the pain of slow loading spreadsheets, laggy charts, pivot tables, and reports breaking when you share them with your co-workers. Numetric gives you the power of cloud scale data analysis, packaged in a tool you are already familiar with. Experience the future of reporting!

You'll feel right at home with Workbooks in Numetric

Empower your entire team to ask and answer their own questions

Find out what happens when every decision is influenced by fact rather than perception.

Unlimited Dataset Size

Our interactive Workbooks allow you to explore hundreds of millions of data points in real time. No refreshes or spinning circles. Try and do that in a spreadsheet.

Point, Click and Search

We've designed data exploration to work the way it always should have. It's idiot-proof. Just point, click and search.

Limitless Pivot and Drill Down

Pre-defined drill-paths and filters are a relic of last-generation BI platforms. With Numetric's proprietary data platform, Lightning Storage, you can go from top-level data to a single item in an instant. Then move to another related question without skipping a beat.

Controlled Sharing

Data is meant to be shared. Numetric makes that easy by giving users the ability to share Workbooks with your team.

Easily Build Your Own Workbooks

Anyone can create or customize an interactive Workbook in just a few minutes. No data experience required and no need to have IT build it for you.

More than a dashboard

Dashboards show high-level KPIs. Workbooks answer questions through on-the-fly filtering and fast metric building. This makes a single Workbook worth hundreds of reports or dashboards.

Interactive visual exploration, no more static dashboards

One workbook showing ALL your data. You slice and dice however you want. Lightning fast and smart - charts that help you see and tell a story. Not just pretty. Though, they’re pretty too.

Answer-focused, customizable by the user, smart chart enabled

We start with what you want to measure and how you want to see that information grouped. Then we automatically suggest the chart that most clearly represents that information.

Infinite on the fly drill downs, filtering, and exploration

Minimize time spent merging, blending, preparing - do it once, and it’s automated forever.

Boardroom ready data visualizations in a snap

The benefit of setting global standards for how data terms look and what they mean is that your data warehouse becomes the single source of truth. Really.

Every Employee an Analyst

“We could hire an analyst or we could buy Numetric and all be analysts.”

Jeff j.

COO - Costa Vida

Incredible organizations democratize data with Numetric