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Automate ETL without SQL

Effortless data centralization and preparation.

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The elusive single source of truth

Data is collected from any number of sources and in multiple formats. This creates an endless list of problems, ranging from incompatible data schemas to inconsistencies in terminology. Warehouse was designed to simplify data centralization through a combination of smart data ingestion, automated cleaning rules, and warehouse wide taxonomy.

Here's why data professionals love data warehouse

Standardize your data definitions and data catalog warehouse-wide

Document your data, how it works, context for use, and its data lineage.

Define and Consolidate Terms

It doesn’t matter how many names Product SKU has across your warehouse. Add all the columns to a term and they will each display the standardized name throughout all datasets by default.

Document Clean Examples

Quickly add ideal examples of how data should look before it’s added to a term. This helps maintain data integrity in collaborative settings.

Map once, self-governing and automated forever

Create terms once and then build as many datasets as you want based on those relationships.

Automated transformation rules

Ensure Data Quality using governed data automation rules.

If-then Statements

Alter one or more columns based on the content of others. If this column says this or this, then make that column say that or that.


Use the value in one or more columns as part of a formula and output the result to a new column.

Find & Replace

Format values according to your needs to ensure they properly represent what they are meant to.

Launch in minutes, not months

Easily connect directly to all universal data formats and the most common data providers using a library of connectors.

Speed optimized architecture

How data is stored is paramount. When ALL business data is  pre-joined, you can conduct ad-hoc analysis on ALL your business data and get answers in seconds.

Set it and forget it with smart automation

Minimize time spent merging, blending, preparing - do it once, and it’s automated forever.

Cross organizational data governance solution

The benefit of setting global standards for how data terms look and what they mean is that your data warehouse becomes the single source of truth. Really.

Pay as you grow

The platform is built to scale horizontally, so you can grow at your pace, pay only for storage you need, and provide speed at scale.

Enterprise-grade Security

We dedicate significant resource to ensuring your data is securely encrypted and protected within our platform. Numetric is the most secure way to distribute data within a company and with partner businesses.

Single Source of Truth

"Our company has a number of different data sources that we wanted to consolidate. We looked at other dashboard tools out there and also creating the tools ourselves. Numetric proved to be a great partner and very willing to help. This is the sort of company we want to align ourselves with. Best of all, they are very easy to work with and their technology is extremely user-friendly."

Chris f.


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