Trend Analytics

Support those that support safety

Create a place that allows anyone to view safety data, share important trends, and enable safety projects for both internal and external groups.

Introducing Trend Analytics

Today’s agencies desire more data transparency when it comes to safety. Foster a state-wide safety culture while also supporting formal initiatives such as the USDOT Crash Facts or Safe Routes To School initiatives.

Drive Change

Get everyone on the same page. Create shared dashboards that include both safety data as well as KPIs. These dashboards help all users within the agency understand expectations and performance.

Engage with the public

Transparency for the public. Public Portals make it so that agencies can share data with everyone. Agencies can provide specific data that can help the public make decisions and gather insights.

Support partners

Support the organizations that support you. Make yearly reports and grant requests simple for everyone involved. With Dashboards and Public Portals, data can be accessed easily to properly complete reports.



Cloud-based, customizable dashboards and analytics tools make it easy for you to share data with your stakeholders and empower them to explore and understand the data themselves. The result: your team no longer spends all their time fulfilling data requests—and stakeholders are more aligned on your biggest challenges and how to solve them.

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Public Portals

Share custom charts and data through a public-facing URL. Agencies can use this tool to create custom sites with crash facts and share data with key external stakeholders, or the public at-large.

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