Traffic Safety Suite

Drive Data to Safer Roadways


Be more confident in your ability to turn safety funds into saved lives. Our suite of Traffic Safety Software is built to enable DOT safety groups to provide crash data faster, perform deeper analysis, and generate more awareness and consensus around safety decisions than ever before.

Traffic Safety Software That Makes You More Data-Driven

Crash Query

Explore crash data with the ease of a Google search, in a GIS interface. Zero in on the root causes of crashes and receive countermeasure recommendations. Generate a crash report or year-over-year comparison report as a shareable PDF in just seconds.

Safety Analysis

Perform crash diagnosis by road segment, intersection, or countermeasure in just minutes. Calculate the benefit-cost ratio of any countermeasure at a specific location. Instantly generate safety reports to drive smarter safety spending.

Network Screening

Empower all groups — state, region, county, and city — to rank segments, curves, and intersections by the attributes that matter most to them and determine which ones could benefit most from safety improvements. Generate and share robust network screening reports to empower more data-driven safety priorities.


Drive greater consensus with internal and external stakeholders by providing customizable dashboards and reports that they can access in the cloud. Empower them to explore relevant data with intuitive tools.



Greater Efficiency

When our apps handle your repeatable tasks and pull crash reports in seconds, you’ll accomplish more, faster. Use that saved time for deeper, more thorough analysis.


Better Analysis

Combine and examine multiple datasets faster than ever before. Perform deeper analysis on every project and be confident in your analysis.


More Focus on Safety

Spend time on what really matters: saving lives. Open crash data to everyone—inside and outside of your department—and make safety part of every project.


Stronger Decisions

Give everyone access to the same data. Provide your DOT with a single source of truth on safety, and you’ll foster a sense of trust and teamwork on safety issues.

Learn how you can become data-driven with Numetric

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