Segment Analytics

The road to safety begins with segments

Roadway segments are the first step in understanding crash data, and making steps toward roadways safety.

Introducing Segment Analytics

Centerline roadway segments are the perfect place to start with AASHTOWare Safety. Combine LRS data, roadway attribute data, GIS, and crash data with more customized agency rules (countermeasure logic, CMF values, SPFs) to manage your entire roadway network.

Statewide access to crash data

Easy to use, cloud-based software, usable by anyone, anywhere. Numetric’s cloud-based solution enables users throughout the state to access safety data. Numetric’s statewide license also ensures that states can provide anyone they want, with access to data.

Greater efficiency

Easily generate reports in Seconds. When our apps handle your repeatable tasks and quickly pull crash reports, you’ll accomplish more, faster. Use that saved time for deeper, more thorough analysis.

Establish a safety culture

Spend time on what really matters: saving lives. Open crash data to everyone—inside and outside of your department—and make safety part of every project.

Encourage collaboration

Collaboration promotes better results. At the foundation of the purpose-built application is collaboration. Each app has the ability to add editors or viewers to the project. Share data easily both inside and outside of the apps.


Crash Query

Explore your segments in a GIS interface with the addition of a powerful natural-language search bar. Pinpoint the root causes of crashes and identify the best countermeasures. Generate a PDF of the crash summary, over-representation, or year-over-year comparison report. All in just minutes.

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Network Screening

Instantly rank segments by the attributes that matter most to your group — whether it’s a state, region, county, or city. Generate a network screening report as a shareable PDF in seconds.

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Safety Analysis

When you can instantly perform crash diagnosis by segment, automatically calculate the benefit-cost ratio of any countermeasure, and generate a safety report in seconds, safety can be considered on every agency project.

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Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis are key to understanding expected crash rates, which give agencies insight into how their roadways are performing. Agencies can use SPFs that they have already created to run their analysis or create custom SPFs. In addition to creating/saving SPFs, SPF Manager provides a history of the functions that can help provide analysis for how SPFs are performing.

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Learn how you can become data-driven with Numetric

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