INTERSECTIONS – Safety Analysis

Improve intersection countermeasures

Safety Analysis Features

Safety Analysis – Intersections recognizes crashes that are part of an intersection, which provides engineers with CMFs specific to intersection improvements. Engineers are provided with the context of the intersection and recommendations specific to intersections, giving them a starting point for their analysis.

Intersection-based Analysis

Get an automatic list of recommended countermeasures for any intersection. Use auto-generated benefit-cost ratios with built-in service life and CMF values to prioritize locations. Compare different treatments across projects.

Resource Allocation

Understand the impact of selected countermeasures on decreasing crashes for an intersection. Make more data-driven decisions regarding where to spend safety funds.

Safety Report Generator

Instantly create a robust intersection safety report — including estimated benefits, service life, and annual cost savings for each countermeasure — as a shareable PDF to enable smarter safety resource investments.

Economic Appraisal

Create a prioritized list of all your safety projects based on your specific budget. Filter all projects by a minimum B/C ratio or a maximum cost to only include the projects that make sense. Instantly create a report — including details for included projects — as a shareable PDF to share with your team.

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