numetric overview video traffic safety analytics

Become Data Driven With Numetric

Learn how Numetric, a Traffic Safety Analytics Solution Provider, makes it possible for traffic safety groups to become truly data-driven with a combination of powerful technology and data science services.


Safety Suite Overview

Can cloud-based traffic safety analytics empower your agency to turn safety funds into saved lives with greater consensus and confidence than ever before? Find out in this overview of Numetric's Safety Suite.


numetric mire data collection

How Numetric Makes MIRE Data Collection and Analysis Fast and Affordable

Safety Suite

How Numetric Generates Greater Confidence & Consensus Around Safety Decisions

Design Suite

How Numetric Restores Confidence in Asset Data and Streamlines Cost Estimates

Cost of Data

The Cost of Inconsistent Data —and How Numetric Fixes It

New Jersey Case Study

How Greater Data Accessibility is Driving New Jersey to Safer Roadways

How Faster Analysis and Open Data Drive Consensus and Confidence in Utah’s Traffic Safety Decisions



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