Give Stakeholders the Power of Data Numetric's cloud-based, customizable reports and analytics tools make it easy for you to share crash data with your stakeholders inside and outside your DOT. The result: your team no longer spends all their time fulfilling data requests—and stakeholders can find their own data-driven answers to safety questions.

Workbook Features

Accomplish more with customizable static reports, dashboards, and analytics tools. Empower all team members and stakeholders with cloud-based access both inside and outside of your DOT.

numetric workbook public portal
numetric workbooks dashboard prefiltered
Stakeholder-specific KPIs in Workbooks
numetric advanced search dashboard

Workbook Features

Easy, Cloud-Based Access Put everyone on the same page with the same information. Workbooks have no firewalls, so you can give anyone inside or outside your DOT permission to view and explore your data. numetric workbook public portal
Pre-Filtered Workbooks Give stakeholders the data they need by pre-filtering to certain areas, including specific counties. So when a stakeholder uses the Workbook, they won't waste time with unrelated information. numetric workbooks dashboard prefiltered
Stakeholder-Specific KPIs Get right to the point by sending stakeholders the KPIs that are most important to them. This way, they won't have to dig through the Crash Query app to find the most relevant KPIs. Stakeholder-specific KPIs in Workbooks
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Crash Query >

Find exactly what you need. Filter down to your most relevant crash data in a GIS interface using full-text or spatial search—when you’re ready, instantly print out a crash report.

Network Screening >

The most robust, user-friendly network screening tool on the market, this app goes beyond federal requirements and enables states to rank roadways by the attributes that matter most to them.

Safety Analysis >

Automatically pull in roadway data, see how different countermeasures can reduce roadway fatalities, and then produce HSM-fueled benefit-cost ratios in mere seconds.

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