Safety Analysis

Maximize Safety on Your Roadways in Minutes Produce HSM-fueled benefit-cost ratios in mere seconds? With the Safety Analysis app, you can. And when you can instantly calculate how each dollar spent on countermeasures affects fatal crashes, you have the power to allocate safety funds with maximum effectiveness.

Safety Analysis Features

Get the most from your safety funding. Find answers faster with an app that automatically pulls in data for all relevant road segments and calculates how different countermeasures can improve safety.

Segment-specific Analysis in Safety Analysis
Automated Treatment Calculations in Safety Analysis
Benefit-Cost Calculations in Safety Analysis

Safety Analysis Features

Segment-Specific Analysis Zero in on the areas giving you the most trouble, and determine the best course to take. You can use segment stats, maps, and crash details to identify potential countermeasures. Segment-specific Analysis in Safety Analysis
Automated Countermeasure Calculations Skip the spreadsheets—you deserve a system that makes calculations easily accessible. In this app, the service life and CMF of each countermeasure are automatically populated. Automated Treatment Calculations in Safety Analysis
Benefit-Cost Calculations Keep your countermeasures in line with your budgets. Safety Analysis calculates how much each countermeasure will reduce fatal crashes and determines a benefit-cost ratio based on HSM formulas. Benefit-Cost Calculations in Safety Analysis
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