Network Screening

The Wait for Network Screening is Over Meet federal guidelines with ease—then give teams at the state, regional, and city level the power to rank their most at-risk roadways by the criteria that matter most to them.

Introducing Numetric’s New Network Screening App

Built on our lightning-fast Traffic Safety Analytics Platform and specifically designed to fulfill FHWA network screening requirements and state, regional, and city-level ranking needs, Numetric’s new Network Screening application is hands-down the fastest, most robust, most user-friendly network screening tool on the market.

numetric network screening application
network screening report generation
numetric roadway ranking tool
numetric network screening segment details

Introducing Numetric’s New Network Screening App

Fast, Robust, User-Friendly The app is built to be intuitive enough for anyone to use—yet powerful enough for the most discriminating users—to perform network screening analysis or rank roadways by a myriad of methods in just minutes. numetric network screening application
Easily Meet Federal Requirements Highway Safety Manual methodologies and FHWA requirements are built into the app. So states can always trust their rankings and generate federally compliant Network Screening Reports in minutes. network screening report generation
Rank What Matters Most Go beyond federal guidelines and rank your roadways using the method that is right for the job, including crash ratio, crash rate, crashes per mile, fatal crashes, and total crashes. numetric roadway ranking tool
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