Crash Query

Put Safety on the Map Crash Query is so intuitive that anyone can filter down through thousands of data points to see the most relevant crash attributes, identify root causes of crashes, and find countermeasures that will effectively reduce those crashes. Best of all, it delivers these insights in seconds.

Crash Query Features

Take control of your data by creating crash reports in seconds instead of hours. Our GIS interface, along with incredibly intuitive full text and spatial search capability, gives you the power to find exactly what you need.

Crash Query
Charts in Crash Query
Flyouy Details in Crash Query
Intuitive Interface in Crash Query

Crash Query Features

Full Text or Spatial Search Find everything you're looking for. Filter crash results by dozens of attributes, including weather, driver age, and more—all in seconds. Or highlight an area on the map to see location-specific results. Crash Query
Charts Organized information equals better results. Choose charts from a variety of formats, and thoroughly examine different chart elements to discover relationships and patterns between crash attributes. Charts in Crash Query
Flyout Details Discover more—without leaving the page. Click on any crash map for details about individual crashes, including road and weather conditions, HSM-powered countermeasures, and more. Flyouy Details in Crash Query
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