Asset Query

All of Your Asset Data in One Place For the first time, search and filter through your DOT's thousands of assets in one intuitive GIS interface. Rich asset details and images built right into the app give you unprecedented clarity into the location and condition of all of your assets—without ever leaving your desk.

Asset Query Features

You'll never have to drive to a road segment again—all the information you need is available right in the app. You can see the assets and their conditions through full text and spatial search in a GIS interface.

Full Text Search in Asset Query
Spatial Search in Asset Query
Flyout Details in Asset Query

Asset Query Features

Full Text Search Know exactly which asset you have and where they are, by filtering in GIS format by dozens of attributes, such as asset type, asset age, and more. Full Text Search in Asset Query
Spatial Search Do you already know where to look? You can also search visually. Highlight a section on the map to zero in on specific asset data. Spatial Search in Asset Query
Flyout Details You can get everything you need all in one place. Just click to view images and details of individual assets without leaving the page. Flyout Details in Asset Query
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