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The all-in-one analytics platform for your entire team

Light and powerful enough for daily decision making. Simple enough for any team to adopt.

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Everyone on your team can answer their own questions

Arm your team with information

Frequent data use is required for confident and reliable decision making. That frequency of use goes down for any department that relies on IT or Analysts for their insights. Workbooks remove that dependency, making them perfect for daily fact reference and informed action.

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Retrieve & combine data without waiting for IT

Sometimes you have complicated questions that require additional data from multiple data sources to answer. DataMart(WIP) lets you easily find and combine data from Warehouse, as well as derive, transform and format new columns on your own without any coding experience.

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Let Warehouse do most of the work

Most analyst hours are spent on repetitive tasks like cleaning and mapping. Warehouse eliminates most data preparation tasks with its powerful automation rule builder and by storing data relationships from connectors. Our comprehensive API delivers when more flexibility is required. It’s a complete system that consistently reduces TCO by over 60%.

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Lossless information transfer

Most connectors put a ceiling on data’s usefulness by flattening and aggregating it as it comes in. Numetric’s LIT connectors preserve every detail, including the relationships between tables. Better connectors and unlimited storage make Numetric the perfect place to consolidate your team and company data.

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