INTERSECTIONS – Predictive Analysis

Create, maintain, and utilize SPFs

Safety Performance Function provides the foundation for crash prediction models. SPF Manager assists agencies as they work to implement or utilize Safety Performance Functions.

Predictive Analysis Features

Predictive Analysis automates the process of getting started with Safety Performance Functions. With Safety Performance Functions in place, states can gain insight into the predicted crash rate for roadways and intersections. Predictive Analysis provides ongoing support of Safety Performance Functions and a historical understanding of previous performances.

Automatic SPF Creation

If your agency doesn’t already have SPFs created, no problem. Create intersection classifications based on functional class and set SPFs to an optimal fit based on historical crash data.

Contextual Function Editor

Visualize the function on a chart and see how it moves as the function is edited. Identify intersections that are under or over-performing and compare them with similar intersections. View function history to see how it has changed over time.

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