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Easily share data with your customers

Create one dynamic Workbook for all your customers. They'll get all the power of Numetric but only see the data relevant to them.

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Communicate performance, prove your value, and retain customers.

Countless hours are spent creating and managing separate dashboards and reports for your customers. Portals allow you to create one powerful dashboard that automatically filters itself so customer's get full access but only see what is pertinent to them.

Start sharing in minutes

Creating a Portal is as simple as choosing which data you’d like to share and with whom you’d like to share it. Our platform references customer names and IDs to determine which rows of data each customer can see.

Give customers answers without sacrificing your time

Numetric's Workbooks allow your customers to search, filter, and explore more data than ever before. A single Workbook can replace hundreds of reports and remain simple to use. No training required.

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Customize the experience to match your brand

Add your company colors and logo to your customer's data portal. A branded portal proving ROI from your services ensures your customers will naturally connect your brand with the value you provide them.

Row-level security

You control what each partner will see thanks to straight-forward, row-level security.


Upload your logo and change the colors to match your brand and make your customers feel right at home.

Ease of maintenance

Minimize time spent creating and managing separate dashboards and reports. Create one Workbook, and share it with all your customers.

Encrypted and protected

We ensure your data is securely encrypted and completely protected with enterprise-grade security.

No more static KPIs

With Numetric, your customers can slice and dice however they want. Lightning fast, interactive charts help your customers make sense of the data.

Always up to date

Stale and out-of-date reports are a thing of the past. Your customers will always see clean, up-to-date information thanks to our automated data cleansing platform.

Obtain greater focus

"In a competitive industry like ours in which inventory levels and sales patterns are so critical, knowing proactively where to focus efforts gives us a great competitive advantage. Numetric helps us compare store inventories and sales patterns against weather forecasts so that store promotions only happen in the right place at the right time."

Jake h.

Director of Integrated Business Planning - Orbit

Incredible organizations democratize data with Numetric