Numetric Launches Safety Analytics Application that Helps Save More Lives and Makes Roadways Safer

Innovative tool that aims to put safety back into the spotlight and reduce crash fatalities

Silicon Slopes, Utah – Apr. 2, 2019 — Numetric, the Traffic Safety Analytics Solution Provider, announced the launch of its new Safety Analysis application that significantly reduces the costs and time state and local agencies incur while accomplishing their goal to ensure roadways become safer, and traffic fatalities are reduced.

The Numetric Safety Analysis application helps engineers and designers diagnose crash causes and provide recommendations for roadway improvement more quickly, allowing the safety analysis process to address all roadway projects rather than a select few. Today, agencies are taxed by spending significant time and resources that are already scarce, to diagnose the root causes of crashes and try to create effective solutions to help remedy those crashes, a process that is a critical part of the safety management cycle. Safety engineers and designers often are left with having to prioritize roadway projects for evaluation since this arduous process consumes precious resources. Numetric’s new app helps solve this situation.

“This Safety Analysis app helps agencies put safety back into the spotlight,” said Danny Anderson, Vice President of Product at Numetric. “Unfortunately, some agencies have no other choice than to proceed with new projects without a safety report because of limited resources. However, with this new app, agencies no longer have to choose which projects will or won’t receive this critical analysis. This app is the first of its kind and the only one available to actually present suggested solutions.”

Using roadway data provided by state and local agencies, Numetric’s web-based application serves a list of recommended solutions based on built-in calculations pulled directly from the Highway Safety Manual (HSM), which is a publication of the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials. The HSM contains concepts, guidelines and algorithms for analyzing crash frequency prediction and is incorporated into every state’s roadway planning, design, operations and maintenance decisions.

The Safety Analysis app leverages the HSM to give safety engineers and designers a starting point for exploration into safety solutions, as well as automatically calculate the cost-benefit ratio of improvements to particular roadway segments – right down to the mile marker. This allows the designer or engineer to mix and match treatments to find the combination that will prevent the most crashes.

Utah Department of Transportation has elected to use the Safety Analysis application at launch.

“UDOT’s focus is always to improve safety on Utah’s roadways, and that is why we have partnered with Numetric to build the Safety Analysis application,” said Jeff Lewis, Safety Programs Engineer, UDOT Traffic and Safety. “The application helps make it easier and more accessible for everyone working on roadway projects in Utah to focus on and invest in improving roadway safety.”

The development of this app continues a trend of new product releases from Numetric demonstrating the company’s commitment to unlocking traffic safety agencies’ data to allow them to more effectively convert safety funds into saved lives.
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Numetric, a Traffic Safety Analytics Solution Provider, empowers state and local agencies to achieve greater confidence and consensus around resource investment decisions and save more lives on our roadways. It accomplishes this through its off-the-shelf, configurable, cloud-based Traffic Safety Analytics Platform and its suite of easy-to-use applications which are purpose-built to allow agencies to perform critical analyses faster and with more depth, easily share data with all relevant groups, and make more informed decisions to optimize investments and reduce fatal crashes. To learn more, visit

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