Numetric Announces Project Design App and New Platform Features to Improve Roadway Investments and Reduce Fatalities

Numetric answers traffic safety agencies’ request for new application and features to empower transportation organizations to be more data-driven.

Silicon Slopes, Utah – July 15, 2019 — Numetric, the Traffic Safety Analytics Solution Provider, announced the launch of the Project Design application to help transportation engineers automate and accelerate the process of calculating cost estimates for roadway pavement projects. Numetric also adds two new, innovative features, Intersections and Comparison Reports, to its existing suite of applications to help traffic safety professionals identify their most dangerous, as well as compare crash reports year over year to measure safety progress.

State and local traffic agencies continue to rely on data analysis to improve the effectiveness of their spending to ensure it goes where it is needed most and to eliminate serious and fatal crashes. The community of transportation safety professionals has needed tools that empower more targeted analysis and gauge safety progress or the lack thereof. For example, 40% of crashes occur at intersections, and now, for the first time, traffic safety groups can effectively identify the most dangerous intersections, prioritize solutions and more easily identify the solutions that will make the most impact.

“These updates are something transportation and traffic safety groups have desired for quite some time,” said Danny Anderson, Vice President of Product at Numetric. “As these groups make improvements, they often struggle to answer a critical question like ‘Are we doing well?’ or they worry about going over-budget as they construct roadway projects. Our new updates alleviate these challenges.”

Each of the new additions is specifically designed to address the needs of transportation engineers and traffic safety professionals:

· Project Design: Creating reliable cost estimates for roadway projects can be challenging and time-consuming. This new application helps to improve the accuracy of project budgets and create more data-driven estimates, allowing for agencies, engineers, and managers to spend funds more effectively and intelligently.

· Comparison Reports: Answering questions about the success of traffic safety projects can be difficult, and professionals have needed a way to answer those questions more easily. Comparison Reports help gauge the effectiveness of safety decisions, report on the results of improvements and better understand which factors contribute most often to fatal crashes.

·  Intersections: Nearly half of traffic crashes occur at intersections, but with current tools, it’s nearly impossible to do a targeted analysis of intersections. With this new feature, traffic safety professionals can easily analyze intersection crashes and the best ways to prevent them – for the first time.

Each added feature and application that Numetric adds to their suite empowers agencies to more effectively use funds. Numetric is dedicated to providing agencies with these capabilities in order to save more lives on our roadways.

The launch of Project Design, Intersections, and Comparison Reports are available today. For more information about Numetric, visit


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Numetric, a Traffic Safety Analytics Solution Provider, empowers state and local agencies to achieve greater confidence and consensus around resource investment decisions and save more lives on our roadways. It accomplishes this through its off-the-shelf, configurable, cloud-based Traffic Safety Analytics Platform and its suite of easy-to-use applications which are purpose-built to allow agencies to perform critical analyses faster and with more depth, easily share data with all relevant groups, and make more informed decisions to optimize investments and reduce fatal crashes. To learn more, visit

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