INTERSECTIONS – Network Screening

Address intersections with confidence

Network Screening Features

Intersection crashes not only make up some of the greatest opportunities for improving the roadway network, but they also represent frequent requests for work. With Network Screening – Intersections, engineers can instantly rank intersections using various ranking methods, roadway attributes, or crash attributes.

HSM-driven Automation

Move forward with confidence using Highway Safety Manual methodologies, formulas, and recommended countermeasures automatically applied in the app. Use and compare multiple methods to screen the intersections in your network

Intersection Specific Criteria and Filters

Filter intersections by hundreds of options — like geo-boundaries, crash attributes, or potential countermeasures. Rank your intersections using the method that is right for you (e.g. crash count, fatalities, crash ratio, crash rate, ePDO, etc). 

Rich Intersection Data

Users gain insight on intersections with photos and Google Streetview — and even see how each one has changed over time — with a few clicks, to understand each location like never before.

Report Generator

Produce a robust network screening intersection report — complete with crashes by route for all top-ranked segments — as a shareable XLS or PDF in seconds, with one click.

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