Intersection Analytics

Identify, analyze, and prioritize intersections

Intersections often represent the biggest opportunity in safety, they also require different methodologies and analysis. Intersection Analytics provides agencies with the tools to perform advanced analysis specific to intersections.

Introducing Intersection Analytics

Continue the journey and gain a better understanding of how intersecting roadways impact each other. With Intersection Analytics users can examine how vehicle maneuvers impact certain types of crashes, create an intersection collision diagrams, and gain a state-wide understanding of intersection crashes through all phases of the roadway safety management process.

Focused intersection analysis

Intersection crashes and analysis is unique Intersections crashes are different than segment crashes, by analyzing only what you want you can focus on potential causes.

Examine the patterns

Intersections require multiple segments of roadway and how they interact with each other. Evaluate crash and roadway data in one location. Crash data is only part of the equation, understanding the characteristics of the roadway is vital to making decisions. Analyze multiple roadways as part of the same statistical studies to improve results.

Better data, better models

Increase understanding and effectiveness. Through an increased understanding of segment and intersection crashes, engineers can improve the accuracy of the CMFs they use. With better projections, you can have more confidence in things like economic impacts.

Fulfill requirements

Make yearly reporting easier. Increase the maturity of the understanding of crash data and make processes scalable. This means yearly reporting becomes much easier and more efficient.


Crash Query

Explore your intersections in a GIS interface with the addition of a powerful natural-language search bar. Pinpoint the root causes of crashes and identify the best countermeasures. Generate a PDF of the crash summary, over-representation, or year-over-year comparison report. All in just minutes.

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Network Screening

Instantly rank intersections by the attributes that matter most to your group — whether it’s a state, region, county, or city. Generate a network screening report as a shareable PDF in seconds.

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Safety Analysis

When you can instantly perform crash diagnosis by intersections, automatically calculate the benefit-cost ratio of any countermeasure, and generate a safety report in seconds, safety can be considered on every agency project.

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SPF Manager

Safety Performance Functions are key to understanding expected crash rates, which give agencies insight into how their roadways are performing. Agencies can use SPFs that they have already created to run their analysis or create custom SPFs. In addition to creating/saving SPFs, SPF Manager provides a history of the functions that can help provide analysis for how SPFs are performing.

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Collision Diagram

Develop a better understanding of an intersection, its crash types, and associated patterns. Use these findings to quickly identify potential countermeasures. Paired with the ability to edit crash attributes, you’ll have accurate data to analyze and flawless reports to share.

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