Design Suite

Empower More Data-driven Asset Management

Data unlocks smarter decisions

when it comes to managing and maintaining your roadway assets. Numetric’s Design Suite enables your organization to better track and understand your assets. It also lets you bring order to the process of estimating costs and gathering vendor bids, resulting in more datadriven budgeting decisions that maximize your organization’s return on investment

Asset Query

Save yourself the drive to inspect those remote roadway assets—all the information you need is available right in this powerful app. Armed with full-text and spatial search in a GIS interface, and rich fly-out details, you can zero in on each asset, assess its condition, and plan next steps.


Accomplish more with customizable static reports, dashboards, and analytics tools. Empower all team members and stakeholders with easy, cloud-based access both inside and outside of your DOT. Anyone you choose can access data without any special trainingso you’ll never have to manually distribute crash data again.



More Unified Data

In most states, asset data is fragmented and inconsistent. Design Suite brings all of your data together so it can be analyzed as a single body of data.


Greater Efficiency

When our apps handle your repeatable tasks and give you results in seconds, you’ll accomplish more, faster. Use that saved time for deeper, more thorough analysis on all projects.


Increased Confidence in Budgets

Feel more secure in your department’s future funding with data-driven estimates based on industry standards. You’ll minimize the risk of project overruns and keep treatments on budget.


Greater Organizational Access to Data

You can make better decisions when you keep everyone in the loop. These tools are so intuitive, anyone can adopt them, so it’s easy to share data with all stakeholders for more informed decisions.

Learn how you can become data-driven with Numetric

Request a custom demo today to see how our platform, suite of apps, and data expertise can unlock the value of your data, drive greater confidence and consensus with your stakeholders, and allow you to maximize your safety ROI.