Effectively Allocate Increased Federal Safety Dollars with AASHTOWare Safety

Did you know that AASHTOWare Safety, powered by Numetric can help your agency better allocate increased federal safety dollars, ensuring the greatest impact on safety for your community?

With the renewed urgency on increasing the emphasis on Safety, AASTHOWare Safety can help your agency follow HSM best practices in allocating safety funds. By following the six-step Roadway Safety Management Process, AASHTOWare Safety helps you determine where safety funds should be allocated, diagnose and select countermeasures, and easily conduct economic appraisals and safety effectiveness evaluations, allowing you to focus on safety with every project.

Whether you are evaluating existing infrastructure improvements to identify additional safety improvements or selecting new safety projects, AASTHOWare Safety can help with every step in the process.

allocate increased federal safety dollars

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