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Instantly query billions of rows with Datasets

Assemble data from multiple sources, define business logic, and automate data cleansing, all with a drag and drop interface.

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You shouldn't have to waste your time running queries for other people

You spend 80% of your time on activities you don’t enjoy such as data merging, cleaning, preparing, re-mapping, importing unclean, inconsistent data, then doing it all over again. We feel your pain, that’s why the Numetric data warehouse is purpose-built to eliminate the problems that have ailed Data and IT Professionals for decades.

Easy Metadata Modeling and Joining Tools with set-and-forget Cleaning Rules

Assemble and customize datasets in a fraction of the time

Choose the tables you want from a dropdown. Add a few transformation rules. Enjoy perfectly joined and presented data forever.

Python and other languages

Make the data look exactly how you want using the language you know via our API.

Lightning storage

We cache your data on our end to make querying, filtering and changes instant.

Large, large, datasets. No database tuning needed

Data professionals never have to do any database tuning. Ever. Always fast, pre-joined, pre-indexed, in memory. Billions upon billions of rows.

Novel and proprietary Storage and Data Retrieval technologies

You won’t find SQL here. We’re fast. Like, really fast. Because we know the right business answers are just waiting for someone to find them.

No Reliance on IT Professionals

Easily connect directly to all universal data formats and the most common data providers using a library of connectors.

Single source of Truth

How data is stored is paramount. When ALL business data is  pre-joined, you can conduct ad-hoc analysis on ALL your business data and get answers in seconds.

Ease of Maintenance

Minimize time spent merging, blending, preparing - do it once, and it’s automated forever.

Unhindered Exploration

The benefit of setting global standards for how data terms look and what they mean is that your data warehouse becomes the single source of truth. Really.

Easily Manage Your Data

"Numetric requires far fewer tech intermediaries to gain useful data analytics. The end user can now readily manage their own data, in contrast to needing a tech specialist to even get Tableau to work well. SQL queries are out thanks to Numetric’s intuitive approach. Numetric is a game-changer for rank and file decision-makers as well as top level executives."

Richard w.

Principal - Oak Capital Group

Incredible organizations democratize data with Numetric