Data Expertise

Experts in Unleashing Traffic Safety Data


Numetric’s data experts apply experience and best practices

as they connect, integrate, transform, and perform QA on your data—ensuring that your data is ready to deliver instantaneous search and deep analysis on Day One.

The Power of Having Data Experts on Your Side

Focused on Traffic Safety Data

Our team of data scientists, engineers, and software engineers specializes in turning all data types—not just crash data—into more effective safety analysis.

Configuring Our Solution to Your Needs

No two agencies approach safety analysis exactly the same way. That’s why our data experts take time to understand your needs before they configure your instance of our off-the-shelf platform and suite of purpose-built apps.

Ensuring Performance

Using our Traffic Safety Analytics Platform, our experts transform and combine all of your data types for maximum searchability, monitor and enforce consistency across the data, and ensure a deep, instantaneous analytics experience.

Continuous Improvement

After the initial implementation, our data experts continue to fine-tune your data experience, develop new capabilities, and keep you on the leading edge of best practices in traffic safety.



Guidance You Can Trust

Confidence comes from knowing that you’re partnered with traffic safety data specialists who have generated tangible results for numerous other agencies.


Ready to Perform

When your Numetric instance is configured to your needs, you can get down to the business of analyzing and fixing your most crash-prone roadways on Day One.


Faster, Deeper Analysis

Under the watchful eye of our data experts, you can expect a faster, deeper, and more user-friendly analytics experience that empowers you to tackle your roadway safety challenges with confidence.


Confidence in the Future

No matter what challenges or government mandates arise, you can rest assured that our team will be on the cutting edge of traffic safety analytics solutions.

Learn how you can become data-driven with Numetric

Request a custom demo today to see how our platform, suite of apps, and data expertise can unlock the value of your data, drive greater confidence and consensus with your stakeholders, and allow you to maximize your safety ROI.