Data-Driven Safety Analysis

Becoming Truly Data-Driven is Within Reach


Drive past your barriers to data-driven safety analysis.

Leave manual data queries and data integration in the dust with Numetric’s traffic safety analytics solutions. Our powerful combination of data expertise and analytics technology empowers you to achieve truly data-driven safety analysis — and improve your safety ROI faster, easier, and with greater confidence and precision than ever before.

Turning Data into Higher Safety ROI

Data Expertise

Combine and unlock the power found in all of your data types with the help of Numetric’s team of traffic safety-focused data scientists.

Purpose-Built Apps

Perform robust analysis in seconds, thanks to Numetric’s suite of apps built specifically to support the functions of traffic safety professionals like you.

Easy Data Sharing

Get team members and stakeholders focused on the right issues with customized dashboards, cloud-based portals, and quick report generators.



Faster, Easier Analysis

Manual data crunching that used to take hours or days happens instantaneously — in tools so intuitive anyone can use them.


Endless New Insights

When all data types can be analyzed and visualized together, you can uncover previously invisible, invaluable insights.


Greater Consensus and Confidence

With all team members and stakeholders exploring the same data, you’re empowered to unite everyone around the best decisions.


Higher Safety ROI

With faster, more open data, you can consider safety on all projects and ensure that resource investments deliver maximum impact on safety.

Learn how you can become data-driven with Numetric

Request a custom demo today to see how our platform, suite of apps, and data expertise can unlock the value of your data, drive greater confidence and consensus with your stakeholders, and allow you to maximize your safety ROI.