SEGMENTS – Crash Query

Explore crash data like never before

Crash Query Features

Explore your segments in a GIS interface with the addition of a powerful natural-language search bar. Pinpoint the root causes of crashes and identify the best countermeasures. Generate a PDF of the crash summary, over-representation, or year-over-year comparison report. All in just minutes.

User-Friendly Search

Naturally search crash data using full text, attributes, or spatial inputs. Filter search results by hundreds of options — date range, vehicle type, alcohol-related, and more — in real-time.  

Detailed Crash Information

Discover more — without leaving the page. See the intersections through a roadway interface, a satellite map interface, or explore the intersection virtually via Google Street View.

Extensive Metric Tracking

The configurable Metrics tab allows users to add and track any metric about segments in the crash data. Effortlessly filter the values, reorder the information, and focus on the metrics that are most important to your current project.

Easy-to-use Chart Builder

Dig further into the crash data and better understand trends, relationships, and patterns by using a variety of charts. Collaborate by sharing the charts or download the charts for presentations.

Customizable Reports

Decide which type of report you need for the project you’re working on. See only the data you want in the report. Generate robust crash reports to understand what’s happening in a selected area, an over-representation report to understand which crash types or crash attributes are over-represented, or a year-over-year comparison report to gauge the effectiveness of traffic safety improvements.

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