Create a unified understanding of intersections

Crash Query Features

Utilizing Crash Query – Intersections, users now have access to not only understand how intersections are defined, but analyze what is happening at the intersection. Users will be able to speak the same language regarding extents of an intersection, understanding which crashes should be included, and which shouldn’t. In addition, Comparison Reports and Over-representation reports for intersections give project-defining insights into an intersection.

Intersection-Friendly Search

Users can query for a specific intersection to analyze, complete with extents of the intersection. Users can then filter intersection results with whatever data they have available.  

View Attributes

Discover more — without leaving the page. See the intersections through a roadway interface, a satellite map interface, or explore the intersection virtually via Google Street View.

Extensive Insight

The configurable Metrics tab allows you to add and track any metric about intersections in the crash data. Effortlessly filter the values, reorder the information, and focus on the metrics that are most important to your current project.

Create Intersection Reports

As you find information about the intersection you’re analyzing, simply click a button to create different reports to share your findings. These reports can be used to show over-representation of crashes at an intersection, how the intersection has performed over time and more.

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