Collision Diagrams

Intersection collision diagrams made easy

Collision Diagrams delivers automated visualizations and reports for intersection analysis, allowing engineers to focus on what matters. Engineers can also update crash data when they find discrepancies between the narrative and crash attributes.

Collision Diagram Features

Collision diagrams help engineers understand the dynamics of what is occurring at intersections. However, much of an engineer’s time is wrangling data and manually creating the collision diagram, to then start analyzing crash patterns and attributes. With Collision Diagrams, you are provided a fully functional collision diagram, complete with crashes bucketed by the manner of the collision, the travel direction of the first and second vehicle, and the first harmful event (to ensure bikes, pedestrians, and animals are part of the analysis. Engineers also have access to crash narratives that allow an engineer to read through officer reports and update incorrect crash attributes such as manner of the collision, travel direction, vehicle maneuver, and first harmful event, to ensure the collision diagrams are accurate.

Thoughtfully Designed Visuals

Hard to understand, hand-drawn diagrams are a thing of the past. Get a detailed easy-to-read, birds’ eye view of any intersection. Quickly understand crash types, associated patterns, and potential countermeasures.

Editable Crash Attributes

Compare the officer narrative with the crash attribute data for full understanding of what took place. Resolve discrepancies by editing crash attributes and make notes to reference later.

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