Case Study | Utah Department of Transportation

How Faster Analysis and Open Data Drive Consensus and Confidence in Utah’s Traffic Safety Decisions

For the Utah Department of Transportation’s (UDOT) Traffic and Safety Division, every traffic-related death is more than another number added to Utah’s zero fatalities counter—each is a fully avoidable tragedy and an urgent call to do better. Now able to unlock and share the power of their data—via a suite of apps purpose-built for the safety cycle—UDOT can tackle safety challenges in a more focused, unified way.

The Challenge

The agency’s former process and tools for responding to crash data requests and providing project safety reports were too hard to adopt for anyone but the most data-savvy users. They were also extremely time-consuming. This left safety resources monopolized fulfilling data requests, stakeholders unable to get critical reports in a timely manner, and team members often making safety decisions without full confidence.

The Solution

In 2015, UDOT’s Traffic and Safety team partnered with Numetric, using the solution provider’s purpose-built Crash Query, Workbooks, and Safety Analysis applications.

The Benefits

Numetric has not only allowed UDOT to perform safety analysis with greater speed—in minutes, instead of weeks—but also with greater depth, make resource investments with greater confidence, and create greater consensus with administration and their partners in the legislature, local municipalities, law enforcement, and nonprofits.

“Numetric gets everyone focused around the same data so we can solve the same problems together.”

— Robert Miles, Director, Traffic & Safety, Utah Department of Transportation