AASHTOWare Safety Assuring Project Equity Throughout the Roadway Safety Management Process

Did you know that AASHTOWare Safety, powered by Numetric, can help your agency ensure that your selected safety projects represent all social equity groups in your communities?

AASHTOWare Safety can help agencies evaluate which social equity groups are going to be impacted by selected safety projects across your communities. By including social equity measures, such as Social Vulnerability Index, in every step of the Roadway Safety Management Process, your agency can be sure that your selected projects positively impact everyone in your community. Whether you are simply validating the equity impact of your projects during Project Prioritization or ensuring that all roadway users are represented in your Network Screenings, AASHTOWare Safety can help make this process simple and impactful for you and the citizens in your community.

(A screenshot from the Crash Query application displaying a Pedestrian Safety analysis in a given county, evaluating routes, and overall social vulnerability)

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