AASHTOWare Safety 2023 Preview – Crash Tree Diagrams

Did you know that AASHTOWare Safety, powered by Numetric, will soon support creating Crash
Tree Diagrams to identify and visualize focus crash types, facility types, and risk factors.

Product Steering Guidance From AASHTOWare Safety User Experience Advisory
Committee Meeting

As a result of our recent AASHTOWare Safety User Experience Advisory Committee meeting
last May, AASHTOWare Safety team has targeted the release of our Crash Tree Diagrams
application for the Winter of 2023.

Crash Tree Diagrams in Action
With the addition of Crash Tree Diagrams, AASHTOWare Safety users can easily identify where
crashes occur, what kind of roadway attributes correlate with crashes, or what kind of behavioral
elements correlate with crashes. With this information, a city, county, or state, can make
informed decisions regarding potential safety improvements on their roadways.

AASHTOWare Safety

(A Crash Tree Diagram displaying crash trends along state-owned, urban, intersections.)

To learn more about how AASHTOWare Safety can help your agency utilize safety and roadway data to make better-informed safety decisions, email Ryan Fragapane (, Project Manager for AASHTOWare.

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