Faster data saves lives

What happens when your department can visualize millions of crash records and roadway assets in milliseconds? 

Find out with Numetric.

Data kills project waste

How can analytics reduce project costs, so you get maximum return on your budget?

Find out with Numetric.

Data paves the way for greater productivity

What happens when your department can spot the paving projects with the biggest return and do more of them? 

Find out with Numetric.

How Numetric Gives Transportation Agencies Unified Data and Reliable Insights

Numetric is the only analytics solution built by Transportation Agency engineers for Transportation Agency engineers. It empowers them to organize, visualize, and extract insights from their crash and asset data to generate recommendations they can stand by.

Safety Analysis

Our intuitive Safety App gives agency employees, partners, consultants, and members of the legislature the ability to perform crash queries, network screening, and safety analyses and to make critical decisions in seconds, not days or weeks.
Time is no longer an obstacle to making safety your team’s top priority. Everyone can see—and act on—the same crash insights.

Project Design

This app gives you everything you need to develop data-driven, concept-level cost estimates— taking into account details like roadway treatments, inflation, and engineering traffic control— all within just a few minutes.
No matter how many projects your team has on their plate, they get estimates they can rely on— and save hours and dollars doing it.

Data Preparation

Is disorganization and inconsistency keeping your data from being visualized properly? Numetric will connect to your crash and asset databases, pull in all your data, make your data formatting consistent, and ensure that all future data stays consistent. When combined with clean asset data, crash data can yield deeper, more thorough analysis you can depend on.

"It has become an invaluable resource.

Numetric presents massive amounts of information in an easy-to-read layout. We can see crash location on a map interface, but the tool also shows temporal components, individual involvement criteria of drivers and occupants, and roadway details. Having access to Numetric's platform enables one to narrow in on the specific crash events from within gigabytes of data, mostly through the click of a mouse. It has become an invaluable resource."

- Joseph Weiss, Transportation Safety Analyst, Rutgers University Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation
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