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Numetric empowers DOTs to be more efficient and data-driven to make roadways safer. Through expert data preparation and data management services, Numetric empowers you to combine and analyze data from multiple sources with clarity and depth. A suite of applications turns the most time-consuming tasks into lightning-fast, accurate results.


Safety Suite

When you can perform crash queries in milliseconds and safety analysis in minutes, every project gets the in-depth analysis it deserves.
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Design Suite

Automated concept-level cost estimates make project overruns a thing of the past. Instant asset queries make it easier to track and address your state's asset challenges.
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Data Expertise

Numetric will combine data from crash, asset, and other databases, build insight-yielding relationships, and make it easier for anyone to explore the data.
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News & Events

Webinar: Return Safety to the Spotlight

  • April 11, 2019 at 1:00 pm EST

    What if your agency could guarantee crash diagnosis and countermeasure recommendations on every project? Traffic safety groups are charged with ensuring that safety is considered on every roadway project. Unfortunately, diagnosing the root causes of crashes and generating effective countermeasure recommendations are often so time-consuming that many projects proceed without them—and safety takes a back seat. Register for the April 11th webinar now. Join us on April 11th at 1pm EST as Danny Anderson unveils Numetric’s new Safety Analysis Application—a fast, user-friendly tool that will allow safety teams to provide robust crash diagnosis and countermeasure recommendations for every project. Attendees will also be able to participate in a live Q&A.

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Numetric’s New Network Screening Application Surpasses Federal Safety Requirements, Empowering States to Prevent Roadway Deaths

  • Numetric, the Traffic Safety Analytics Solution Provider, announced the launch of its new Network Screening application to empower states to meet and even exceed federal requirements and identify their most dangerous roadways.

    Due to a current lack of sufficient tools, the process of manually ranking roadways takes weeks or even months for most states. This makes effective networking screening infeasible for groups at regional, county, and city levels, preventing them from making the most informed resource investments to reduce crashes. Numetric’s Network Screening application promises to eliminate this problem by enabling state and local agencies to rank their roadways in minutes by the attributes that matter most to them, and pinpoint the most effective ways to reduce traffic deaths on those roadways

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How Utah Uses Big Data to Make Highways Safer

  • SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 28, 2018 / Govtech

    Using new data collection and analysis tools, traffic safety engineers can improve highway design. Drivers along Interstate 80 in Northern Utah have an added layer of protection against out-of-control autos. Several years ago, a cable-barrier was erected in the median between the two directions of highway.

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"Numetric allows data to be distributed to everyone who needs it in an intuitive way so that they can interact with it and use it day to day."

W. Scott Jones

Safety Programs Engineer, Utah Department of Transportation

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"The Numetric platform is helping us close communications gaps. We are able to see data and streamline the quality control process."

Goro Suljoadikusumo

Planning Survey Engineer, Hawaii Department of Transportation

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