Apps Made Exclusively For DOT Safety Workflows

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Crash Query

Take control of your data by creating crash reports in seconds instead of hours. Our GIS interface, along with incredibly intuitive full text and spatial search capability, gives you the power to find exactly what you need. Drill down to the root causes of crashes, including driver age, weather, and hundreds of other attributes.
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Safety Analysis

Get answers faster with an app that automatically pulls in data for all relevant road segments and measures how different countermeasures can improve safety. When you can calculate benefit-cost analysis in seconds, it's easier than ever to get the most from your safety funding.
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Network Screening

We make it easy to focus all of your data on spotting your state's most at-risk road segments. Geospatial and table filters let you narrow those results by hundreds of criteria. Once you've found a poor road segment, you can flag the segment for further analysis in the Safety Analysis app with one click.
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Safety Workbook


Accomplish more with customizable static reports, dashboards, and analytics tools. Empower all team members and stakeholders with easy, cloud-based access both inside and outside of your DOT. Anyone you choose can access data without any special training, so you'll never have to manually distribute crash data again.
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Benefits for Your Entire Department

Greater Efficiency

When our apps handle your repeatable tasks and pull crash reports in seconds, you'll accomplish more, faster. Use that saved time for deeper, more thorough analysis.

Better Analysis

Better Analysis

Combine and examine multiple datasets faster than ever before. Perform deeper analysis on every project'and be confident in your analysis.

More Focus on Safety

Spend time on what really matters: saving lives. Open crash data to everyone—inside and outside of your department—and make safety part of every project.


Stronger Decisions

Give everyone access to the same data. Provide your DOT with a single source of truth on safety, and you'll foster a sense of trust and teamwork on safety issues.